Intermodal Transportation

The possibility of using rail/road transport, allows us to send your goods everywhere at completive costs, with the quality standards that distinguish our service.

Intermodal transport is a service that can become more complex if you combine different methods: road, railway, water and air.

Unaccompanied combined transport

The loading unit reaches the transshipment terminal by road or by ship and is placed on the train. The journey continues by rail, generally over long international routes. Only the loading unit, ie the container, the semi-trailer or the mobile body, is transported, while the driver and the tractor remain at the terminal. At the destination terminal, another truck picks up the shipment and transports it to its final destination. Unaccompanied combined transport combines the advantages of road and rail transport and is an important alternative for European freight traffic. On the transalpine routes it is competitive already starting from 300 km.

Additionally, modern communication technologies enable us and the customer to constantly monitor the goods on the road.


  • For some types of transport, it offers very advantageous rates
  • Excludes any possibility of direct processing of the goods in the transshipment phases
  • High reduction of C02 emissions
  • Rail transport of containers, semi-trailers and swap bodies
  • Connection of large economic areas
  • Transportation from terminal to terminal or from the port to the internal terminal
  • Competitive on routes starting from 300 km


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