Logistics and Transport

The constant handling of goods also requires storage and organization. The cost and effort required to address this organization are often difficult to sustain by companies because they require manpower, resources, energy and time. GAM coop. offers its customers the best integrated logistics service that can solve all of these problems, whereby ensuring the best results and savings.


The storage of goods requires the adaptation to strict organizational provisions on hygiene and safety. By taking advantage of the services offered by GAM coop. the customer gets practical and economic advantages:

  • Cutting down fixed costs and makes them scalable, following the company in terms of production and optimization.
  • Using latest generation technologies and systems.
  • Utilizing highly qualified external personnel
  • Eliminating direct responsibility for safety, adjustments, regulations etc.
  • Diverting attention from secondary activities to primary ones


The development of transport and the perfect utilization of space ensures our customers optimization of the flow of goods and the reduction of existing stocks, thus lowering nonproductive costs.

What can we do for you?

  • Labeling of goods with barcode and tracking of shipments.
  • Ensuring safe and complete storage operations.
  • Streamlining your company's loading and unloading operations.
  • Improving of time to process orders and provide punctual deliveries




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