Express service

We offer the opportunity to take urgent and dedicated transport: urgency means, in fact, giving the details the attention they deserve. GAM coop. guarantees the highest commitment and maximum availability to solve, together with its customers, the most urgent transport issues. The urgent transport of documents is also part of our skills. Responsibility, organization and a great team work: these are the characteristics that must have those to whom you entrust your urgent freight.

The pride of our services and absolute excellence.

The URGENT DEDICATED TRANSPORT, allow us to guarantee you the possibility to organize dedicated loads of any kind and at any time of the day. This service can be organized only if you have an adequate number of vehicles and the necessary entrepreneurial and logistic experience. With the urgent dedicated transport service, the limits of space and time are eliminated: we ship every type of goods, from confidential documents, to large-volume goods, to any European destination in very short time. We guarantee the satisfaction of any request and we offer you:

  • Ability to monitor the trip at any time
  • Guarantee of agreed delivery times
  • 24-hour door to door express service.
  • Specialized personnel at your service, qualified and prepared for the arrangement and stowage of your goods according to precise provisions  
  • Satellite monitoring of vehicles.


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